10 New Fabrics

Since the 2017 patio season is now underway we would like to introduce some of our new fabrics that we have incorporated into our fabric collection this year. Check out some of our favorites below!

Spotlight Pebble
Spotlight Pebble is a great addition to our fabric collection this year. This fabric is a beautiful mix of silver and gray and will go great with your outdoor patio furniture. Try it with fabrics Spotlight Ash or Linen Natural.

Spotlight Ash
Like Spotlight Pebble, Spotlight Ash is another gorgeous fabric created by Sunbrella. It is also a mix of silver and gray, however, it has a touch of white which makes it lighter in color. We suggest trying it with one of our other new Sunbrella fabrics Loft Turquoise.

Loft Turquoise
Speaking of Loft Turquoise, this new textured fabric could be a great addition to your outdoor space. It is a brilliant blend of blue and green that creates a stunning turquoise color. Why not try coordinating it with fabrics like Canvas Granite and Spa.

Loft Grape
The new Loft Grape Sunbrella fabric is a stunning textured fabric that is fade resistant and easy to clean. Loft Grape is a lovely shade of purple that has both light and dark elements to it. This fabric can be used as an accent color with other fabrics like Volt Sand and Dusk.

Escapade Vivid
One of our new striped fabrics from Sunbrella is the striking Escapade Vivid. This beige fabric has a mix of gray and yellow with blue accents. Try coordinating it with fabrics Regatta or Black.

Integrated Pewter
This geometric patterned fabric may be one of our new favorites. This Sunbrella fabric offers a perfect mix of ivory and silver. We suggest coordinating Integrated Pewter with fabrics Spectrum Mushroom and Flax.

Integrated Steel
If you like the pattern of Integrated Pewter but are looking for something a little darker, we suggest trying Sunbrella’s Integrated Steel fabric. This combination of gray and silver goes great with other fabrics like Home Sand and Spotlight Pebble.

Home Denim
This Tempotest denim color would be a great addition to your backyard or patio. This navy blue color has a hint of gray which would go well with Canvas Granite or Maxim Denim.

Maxim Denim
This striped Tempotest fabric could help create some dimension for your cushions. The dark blue denim against the white creates a settle contrast. We suggest coordinating this fabric with Cast Silver or Spectrum Carbon.

Luxe Denim
The last new addition to our fabric collection is the beautiful patterned fabric Luxe Denim. This Tempotest fabric creates a beautiful look with the combination of three colors. This white, denim blue, and navy blue fabric would go great with Spectrum Indigo and Home Denim.

If you are interested in any of our new fabrics for your patio furniture why not shop CABANACOAST® today!

How to Set the Perfect Outdoor Table

Setting the perfect table for an outdoor gathering can be a lot of hard work and requires some planning. To help make the process easier we have provided our top 5 tips on how to set the perfect outdoor table below!

Use Vibrant Colors
Vibrant colors, especially during summer, are a must. Bright, vibrant colors can help make your table come alive and will get lots of attention from your guests. Summer is the perfect time to play with new colors and mix and match your favorites. From the drinking glasses to the cushions, vibrant colors can be easily incorporated.

Add Some Greenery
Adding some greenery to your outdoor table is an easy way to create an appealing table setting. The best part is that it can be put together in a matter of minutes. Placing ferns or an assortment of herbs can add a beautiful green color and some functionally to the center of your table. If your table is tight on space why not add a magnolia leaf to the center of each guests’ plate.

Create Levels
When setting a table for an outdoor gathering, it is best to create some levels with the items on your dining table as it adds some dimension. If everything is at the same level it can look boring and will not be appealing to your guests. We suggest stacking two different size plates on top of one another or a bowl on top of a plate depending on your menu. We also recommend having two glasses, one that is shorter such as a stemless wine glass and a taller glass such as a champagne glass.

To create a unique looking outdoor table setting, why not add different colors and textures for your tablecloth and napkins. When colors and patterns are layered together, it can create a completely new look that may be hard to replicate. Your guests will love the creativity and thought that has been added to your patio furniture.

Try New Combinations
Instead of the standard table setting, we have a few ideas to help mix it up a bit. Instead of setting your cutlery on either side of your place setting try it in the center by rolling the cutlery and a few fresh flowers in a cloth napkin. If you don’t want to mix your silverware with flowers why not create a flower bowl or small bouquet to put in the center of your guests’ plate.

If you are planning an outdoor gathering this patio season, use the above tips to help create the perfect outdoor patio and shop CABANACOAST® patio furniture today!

Introducing Our New Sling Collection

Sling patio furniture has come a long way in the last few years as it is now extremely comfortable and offers a range of benefits. If you have been following CABANACOAST® for the last couple months you may have seen that we have recently designed our first sling patio furniture collection. Want to know more about our Millcroft Collection? Check out below!

The Millcroft sling patio furniture collection features durable cast aluminum and Sunbrella Augustine Pewter sling. The stunning straight lines create a sleek and versatile look. Sling furniture provides comfort without the need for cushions making this collection very easy to care for. The contemporary design works in modern homes, luxury homes, and commercial settings.

Finish and Fabric
The Millcroft sling collection is available in a Sherwin-Williams Dark Rum finish which is a black color with a hint of brown. As mentioned above, the Millcroft sling collection uses Sunbrella Augustine Pewter, which is a high-quality fabric that is meant to last for many years. This fabric is a lovely shade of gray with a beautiful textured pattern. The Augustine Pewter fabric is ideal for upholstery applications like sling patio furniture because it is PVC Coated Polyester/Sunbrella. The most desired aspect of vinyl-coated polyester is its ability to dry quickly, its durability, and its ability to resist UV damage, water damage, and high use.

In the past sling patio furniture did not offer the same amount of comfort as patio furniture with cushions, however, that has all changed. Sling patio furniture is now incredibly comfortable and you do not have to worry about the upkeep of cushions. Sling patio furniture is very durable and will make it incredibly easy to just sit back and relax.

Another great thing about sling patio furniture is that the sling material is replaceable. Whether your sling material has been damaged or you want to change the sling fabric to a different color, it can easily be replaced.

There are a couple of benefits associated with sling patio furniture that has made it so popular in the recent years. As mentioned above, sling patio furniture requires less maintenance than ordinary cushions. Sling patio furniture is easier to clean, dries quickly, and holds up against bad weather. The new modern design makes it great for any outdoor space!

If you are interested in our new patio furniture sling collection, visit your local dealer and shop CABANACOAST® today!

Benefits of Stackable Chairs

Have you ever thrown a large social gathering and didn’t have enough chairs for your guests simply because you did not have the room to store so many chairs? If you have ever been in this situation we suggest purchasing stackable chairs! Check out our top 5 benefits of stackable chairs below.

1. Saving Space
This is the biggest benefit of stackable chairs and is the reason many go for this option. Although they take up vertical space when they are stacked, they will not take up any extra floor space. This means that you can maximize the amount of space that your extra chairs take up leaving you room for other items you would like to store. This is extremely helpful if the number of guests you entertain on your outdoor patio or backyard fluctuates during the patio season. Stackable chairs not only can take your space from 5 to 15 guests in a pinch but also can be neatly stacked away.

2. Easy to Maneuver
Another reason to purchase stackable chairs is that they are usually designed with maneuverability in mind and tend to be lightweight so they can be taken from one place to the next.

3. Durability and Strength
Whether aluminum or wicker, stacking chairs are known for their durability and strength because they have to endure being moved from location to location. Aluminum stacking chairs feature durable cast aluminum with a powder-coated paint that is resistant to the elements. Wicker stacking chairs use SolWeave outdoor wicker that is hand woven onto an aluminum frame to create an extremely sturdy chair.

4. Versatility
Since stacking chairs are easy to maneuver and come in many different designs and material, they can be used in almost every type of space. They work great for outdoor movie nights, dinner parties, birthday parties, and everything in between. Stackable chairs are available in different frame materials, different colors, and with different design features such as a curved arm or back. The options really are endless!

5. Comfort
Lastly, stacking chairs are now made with high-quality material that makes them comfortable to sit on for any length of time. The cushions are made with high-density premium foam and a water-resistant polyester top that will add to your comfort. The fabric that the foam is encased in is soft to the touch and is stain and water resistant.

If you are looking for some high quality outdoor stackable chairs, shop CABANACOAST® today!

Five Uses For A Wicker Storage Box

Are you looking for some extra storage in your backyard or patio? Do you need a convenient place outdoors to store some of your cushions, pool supplies, dining supplies, and everything in between? Well, look no further because we think we have the perfect piece for you! Check out our top 5 uses for a wicker storage box below.

Cushion Storage
Wicker storage boxes are the perfect place to store cushions, pillows, blankets, and any other items that are used with your patio furniture. These storage boxes are great because they can help keep your outdoor area tidy and also keep your extra throw pillows and blankets out of sight whenever they are not in use. A wicker storage box can also be a good option when you want to protect your cushions from the elements. Cushions and pillows can easily be thrown into the storage box and retrieved when you want to use them again.

A wicker storage box can also be used as a table when you are in need of some extra space. It can be used as a dessert table for sweets and treats or even as a drinks table. These storage boxes could act as a console table when you are in desperate need of some room for your lighter items like appetizers, snacks, cutlery, and plates.

Pool Supplies
If you have a pool in your backyard, a wicker storage box could be a great place to store some of those pool supplies. Whether you need room for towels, sunscreen, or noodles, a storage box could keep them in a safe place ready for you to use.

Dining Supplies
During patio season, there will be lots of outdoor dining and entertaining. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen with storage space it could be helpful to keep your cutlery, glasses, plates, spare napkins, and table clothes in a wicker storage box. This can make outdoor entertaining a breeze as all you have to do is take out your dining supplies from your wicker box and prepare your table.

Lastly, a wicker storage box could be great for storing miscellaneous items that you may need throughout the patio season. This could be a first aid kit, portable speakers, and board games. By having this extra storage for whatever you want could help make entertaining your guests that much easier.

A wicker storage box that is water resistant and has an aluminum frame could be a great addition to your outdoor space. If you are looking for some extra storage shop CABANACOAST® today!

2017 Color Trends

With January and February behind us, we are gearing up for the 2017 patio season. As it quickly approaches, it is time to investigate some of the color trends to help you prepare for the upcoming season. Check out our top three color predictions that should be making their way into your backyard this patio season.

Mushroom has been deemed the next “it” neutral. Only time will tell if this is true but we have to say we absolutely love this color. Why do we love it? It is versatile, warm, and can coordinate well with other pieces already in your backyard or patio. It would look great in any outdoor space whether you want it for your cushions, umbrella canopy, or throw pillows. It can be used to create a subtle contrast between this Mushroom color and an off white color. For accents try an orange color like Tuscan or Rust or even a deep blue color like Indigo.

The first color that caught our eye this year was Greenery. As you may know, Pantone has predicted greenery to be the color of the year. Whether you believe this to be true, there is no denying that this color is everywhere. We have to say this acidic apple green, which is sophisticated but not too serious, is growing on us. Unlike other green colors, it can help add some fun to your backyard or patio without looking childish. If you love this color like the rest of us, we suggest incorporating Sunbrella’s Macaw fabric into your outdoor space. This fabric can be used with a striped fabric like Seville Seaside or a more neutral color like Natural.

The last big color trend of 2017 is predicted to be Taupe. It is a warmer color than we have seen in the last few years due to the popularity of gray. Many describe Taupe as a color that has elements of both brown and gray. By moving away from the color gray, can help create a beautiful change to your backyard or patio. Taupe can be used with our patterned and striped fabric such as the new Integrated Pewter fabric and one of our more established fabrics Milano Char.

We don’t know about you, but these colors have us excited for the 2017 patio season. If you are interested in one of the above fabric colors for your patio furniture we suggest visiting one of our local dealers and shop CABANACOAST today!

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Patio Furniture Before Summer

2017 is underway and warmer weather is quickly approaching. Although we are still a couple months away from official patio furniture season, now is the ideal time to start your research and place your order. Check out our top 5 reasons why you should purchase patio furniture before summer begins below!

1. Supply and Demand
Although this may be common knowledge, once summer arrives everyone is going out and looking to buy patio furniture. Since everyone will be looking at the same time it will take longer for your order to be ready and for your products to be in stock. When you are looking at furniture in late February or early March this means that you will not only beat the crowds but also get your furniture right in time for patio season.

2. First Pick
One of the biggest advantages of ordering earlier in the season is that you get first pick of everything. This means that you will get the collection you want, in the finish you want, with the fabric you want without having to wait for items to be in stock.

3. Memorial Day/Victoria Day Effect
In the US Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer and in Canada, Victoria Day is the unofficial start of summer. This means that by the end of May you will want to have your patio furniture picked out, ordered, and delivered if you want to make the most of summer. Waiting until May to order your furniture could be risky as things may be out of stock or delayed.

4. Take Advantage of Spring
Although, you may not be lucky enough to get an early spring, depending on the year and what city you live in it may be possible. One of the benefits of purchasing your patio furniture early is that you can take full advantage of warm spring days. You can utilize your outdoor space more by having your patio furniture ready in case of warm weather.

5. Get the Most out of Summer
It is easy to forget that the patio furniture process from start to finish can take longer than anticipated. Shopping for something like patio furniture where you are investing a lot of money is not easy and will take time. Also, since most homeowners want custom cushions, you have to allow at least two weeks for them to be made with your specific fabric color.

Don’t wait until May to order your patio furniture, instead shop CABANACOAST today!

Extra Guests? Just Extend Your Table!

Are you someone that loves to entertain outdoors? Do you have a big social circle? If so, a space saving, durable extending table may be for you. No matter how much you prepare for entertaining sometimes unforeseen events occur. Whether it is an unexpected spill or extra guests who turn up, these situations can cause some unwanted stress. Check out 3 reasons why we think extending tables could be a great addition to an outdoor space.

Space Saver
One of the biggest benefits of extending tables is that they can save on space. If you are short on space on your patio or deck an extending table may be the answer. Even if the table is a little snug when it is fully extended, the size can be decreased once your party is over or when you are entertaining a smaller group. With these tables you can really maximize your space during gatherings with your friends and family and the best part is the table can go back to the smaller size when you are not entertaining. Another advantage when it comes to extending tables is that if you ever decide to move to a new home you will have the option of a larger table or a smaller table that will fit your new space.

You Have A Big Social Circle
Another reason why an extending table may be for you is because you have a large social circle. Whether you have lots of friends or family, you somehow can never fit all of them at your standard dining table. Since most of the time it will be just your own family, this smaller number of people can look awfully odd at such a large table. However, with an extending table, you can get just the right dimensions for both.

You Love To Entertain
If you are someone who loves to entertain and is practically planning a gathering at your home every weekend in the summer, an extending table could be a smart purchase. The great thing about extending tables is that it can help you prepare for the unexpected. Not only are extending tables good for large groups but they are also good for those guests that forgot to RSVP but showed up anyways. Entertaining can be stressful, especially for large groups, so an extending table can help alleviate some of the stress.

If you are someone who likes to entertain, has a big social circle, or is looking for a space-saving patio dining table, then shop CABANACOAST® today!



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5 Fabrics We Love!

Love is in the air and so is our need to share some of our favorite Valentine’s Day inspired fabrics. Whether you are a big believer in Valentine’s Day or not, you may just fall in love with these beautiful fabrics below. Check out the 5 fabrics we love right now!

Loft Crimson
Loft Crimson is one of the newest additions to our fabric collection. This gorgeous deep red color goes great with both some of our older fabrics and newer ones. Like all our fabrics, Loft Crimson is fade resistant and can last for many years to come. It has a textured look to it and is extremely soft. This fabric is very durable and can be used for your umbrella, cushions, or throw pillows.

Although Blush Canvas is not a new addition to our selection of fabrics it has always been one that we loved. Like other Sunbrella Fabrics, it is easy to clean and will outlast many other brands. Canvas Blush is a deep pink that almost looks red. This fabric goes great with creams and grays especially if you are looking to add it as an accent pillow.

Hot Pink
Everything looks pretty in pink! That is why we love this rich Hot Pink fabric color. This high-quality canvas fabric is made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, making it UV and stain resistant. This fabric is perfect if you would like to add a feminine touch to your outdoor space or brighten it up during the spring and summer season.

Dupione Crimson is one of our favorite textured fabrics. The beautiful red color is complemented with a touch of gray. Like all Sunbrella fabric, Crimson is woven from 100% solution-dyed yarns for rich color all the way through. It can be coordinated with other red fabrics, striped red fabrics, or gray fabrics.

Luxe Red
Lastly, we have our Luxe Red fabric which is also a new addition to our selection of fabrics. This new patterned fabric may be just what you need for your outdoor space. The vibrant red pattern stands out against the white background. The pattern is not only mesmerizing but comforting too. This Tempotest fabric provides protection from UV rays and solar light to make sure you always have a fresh and bright shade.

If you are looking for a new fabric for your outdoor cushions, umbrella, or throw pillows why not try one in a red or pink hue and shop CABANACOAST® today!